Who is Louky?

Louky was born as the eldest child in a family with two younger brothers. Her father worked in the textile industry and her mother was a nurse. In her youth pain and sickness were cured with medicines. At the age of 19 she met her husband and he showed her other possibilities of dealing with your health. Together they went to a training in Belgium for two years provided by a doctor, who had his own vision on how people could be cured. He used body work and emotional release. She learned about Bach Flower Remedies, Schüssler Salts and sour food and basic nutrition. After her divorce she did a lot of family constellations. With her love for food and her interest in the effect of food on the body, she learned about minerals, vitamins, blood diet and healthy water.

What do I do?

The past 20 years I have been working as a psychologist. I found that talking to people was not really making the difference I had in mind.
My mission is to reconnect people to who they truly are and to love.

A few years ago I discovered a simple way to release the stress of the body and reconnect people to their bodies. Clients experience inner peace after a session.

In September 2015 I went to Australia and did a course, called Genome Healing. In a session with this technique I would take you into your body, so you can understand from within yourself what is going on at the subconscious levels. Together we can transform whatever negativity we find and activate new optimal functioning blueprints. We can also do trauma release in a very easy way. After a session people experience shifts to enable more energy and a calmer more positive outlook.


Louky studied psychology at the University of Utrecht and graduated in 1998. She worked as an employee and since 2008 has her own practice. She is really interested in helping people to get healthier and therefore is always looking for possibilities to do her work faster and at a deeper level. She believes in the power of the mind. Besides that she is aware that complaints may be caused by ancestral information, lack of nutrients, metal damage, viruses, bacteria, parasites or toxins. She also acknowledges the existence of the chakra’s and meridians. With her talent she quickly finds the source of the problem.

Why use my services?

People use me, because they know that regaining their health can be done easily with the power of the mind. They have experienced fast results and a difference in their energy levels, strain in the body, disappearance of pain.

Interview with Louky de Lange