How great would it be if you would feel calm and peaceful and know that all will be fine. Do you recognise that you see bears on the road every time when you do something or a beloved one goes travelling. Do thoughts like: “ there might be a terrorist attack” or “she will be raped or robbed” run through your head. Does your body start to sweat, do you have palpitations, feel insecure, restless and sleep badly. Do you experience stress, tension and unrest. Do you begin to hyperventilate or get a panic attack. Are you worrying about small things and feel unable to make a choice in what shoes to wear or what to eat.

It can also be that being fearful shows in your behaviour, like eating chocolate bars or crisps. Perhaps it leads to using alcohol or drugs in order not to feel the fear or sleeping pills to be able to sleep. Another way of showing is experiencing sadness and you cannot stop crying or do nothing at all as you feel numb.

When you have a look at your fear and you do not recognise it at all, you may find it helpful to know that fear can be inherited from your parents or others in your lineage. We are all aware that the colour of our eyes is inherited from our ancestors as are sicknesses like eye problems, asthma and heart failure. Recent research has shown that anxiety or fear of things can also be inherited from our lineage.

It is damn hard!!

In this blog post I’m going to share with you 5 tips to feel more relaxed.

1 – You can regain calmness by concentrating on your breathing and doing this three times a day every day.

2 – The basis of all our emotions is fear or love. When you have a thought , look at it as if it is a thing and place it in either one of the categories. This will prevent the thought from adding other thoughts to it, creating a chain of thoughts.

3 – Find something that distracts you, for example, call or meet a friend, read a book.

4 – Focus on something positive in your life and be aware of the difference in your mind and body.

5 – Half an hour before you go to sleep make a hot footbath and poor some lavender oil in it. Lavender is known to release the stress from our body.

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Louky de Lange.

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