Unique Quantum Healing offers the possibility to improve your health in an powerful and simple way. We surge for the cause of the complaint. Together with the client we work on the subconscious level. In the present time and with the new insights into the workings of the brain, it is more and more known, that our brain is very powerful and plays a major part of can play a major part in the field of our health. Since the introduction of the computer the programs have become faster and more efficient. This is also the case for treatment methods in the field of our health. After a treatment clients experience a difference instantly, i.e. more energy, happier, better sleep, quiet in the head and be more positive in life.

Louky found that the existing treatment methods could not bring her clients the benefit that she wanted them to have. So she started looking for other possibilities. She met someone during a series of Family Constellations that did a training in DofNA (Discharge of Neural Aspects). In 2010 she started the DofNA training. The first part is the Basic Treatment in which blockages that have been deeply rooted in the neural system will be released for life. The Basic Treatment deals with the first 20 years of our life. After that an Advanced session can be done. We go into the lineage and see whether complaints we do not recognize come from our ancestors and are passed on to us. So we heal the ancestor and this will pass on in our cells as well.

The founder of DofNA told her about healing methods with numbers and so she found Carol Roberts and trained with her in Australia to master Genome Healing. In a session you are taken into your organs, systems and even your stem cells, so you can understand from within yourself what is going on at the subconscious levels. Together we can transform whatever negativity we find and activate new optimal functioning blueprints within these parts. Your organs themselves will tell you of the shifts as this happens. We may also need to release and resolve life traumas which can be blocking your emotional and physical well being. These healings are also done for your ancestral lineage which may be having a negative effect on your present situation. I am not doing the healing for you. I am getting you in touch with what is operating at subconscious levels which may not be serving you and we are transforming this together.

In 2012 Louky discovered a way of healing that has deepened itself over the years and she calls it the Diamond Method. In a session the stress is released from the nervous system and the energy disbalance in the organs is detected and restored.

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