How great would you feel if the emotions of a traumatic event you have gone through were released from your system?

Almost every day you have one of these symptoms, a headache, lower back pain, bellyache or you’re very tired. It’s from this that the trauma shows itself as a body inconvenience.

Apart from that you may get very angry or possibly start to cry for no apparent reason. The hurt or sadness seems too big to handle, so you push it away again and again, resulting in extreme tiredness, lack of pleasure, numbness or loneliness.

You may feel so lonely because your friends are tired of listening to your story, however, you feel caught up in it as if you are in a prison and have no clue how to get out of it.

It is beyond awkward!

Fear not, there are revolutionary answers to solve this. In this blog I’m going to share with you the true meaning of trauma and give you key fundamentals to help you or your beloved one to free themselves.

Let me first share with you the definition of trauma.

Trauma are emotions you feel because of something that happened in your life that is unprocessed, unfinished and needs to be concluded. The entire memory is saved (For example. colour, smell, sound, picture) in the unconscious. Something in your daily life may trigger your unprocessed trauma and you get very emotional and do not understand why, as your reaction to the situation seems much bigger than the actual event.

The next thing I need to mention is that human beings have a tendency to bury emotions of traumatic events.
These inexperienced emotions attach themselves in our brain or body and can cause pain or disease. This also influences our behavior as we may choose to not go out in the dark or walk the other way if someone with a large dog is walking towards us. If you are fearful you may walk through town, with that feeling someone is watching you, looking around all the time and clinging to your bag, instead of enjoying the walk and shop windows.
Causes of trauma you may not be aware of;

Causes of trauma you may not be aware of;

1 – Birth trauma. Were you born with a cesarean, the rod or were the contractions raised, this can be the first trauma in your life.
2 – Trauma at a very young age, before you learned words or had enough words, so the only thing you have is noise, sense, smell, colour.
3 – Trauma during your life.
4 – Trauma passed on through our ancestors. In research it is revealed that we can pass on trauma through our genes to the next generation.

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If you’ve gotten value from this blog, I would love to hear your feedback in the comments below and please share your own tips of how you manage trauma.

Louky de Lange.

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