What would it mean to you if your sensitive child would be functioning optimally at school, with other children and at home. Would you be grateful to be able to fully understand what special talents and gifts your child has.

You are worried about your child because it is really sensitive, has trouble sleeping, has difficulty concentrating at school, cannot structure its homework, cannot sit still, has low self esteem and hardly any faith in itself. At home your child cries a lot or is frustrated and throws with things or does mean things.

In this blog post I’m going to share with you what Highly Sensitive means and give tips to help you and your child.

Highly Sensitive means that your child is extra sensitive for atmosphere and incentives in the surroundings. Everything is over 10 times stronger than for normal people. For example if someone drops a book and it falls to the floor the noise is ten times louder. This is why your child has difficulty concentrating and has a lot of trouble with certain subjects at school. Many of these children are unfairly diagnosed with behavior disorder, AD(H)D or PDD-NOS.

I would like to picture this for you. A person who is normal is like a horse with blinkers. It can only see the road ahead, not what is next to him. A Highly Sensitive person does not have blinkers so he notices everything even what is behind him.

At school Highly Sensitive children are under great pressure. It is busy in the classroom and many things happen. These incentives all come in and they have no idea how they can filter the many impressions. Apart from that certain results are expected from highly sensitive children to which they cannot live up. Your child wants to perform, but it cannot do it. This means very often that a child at first tries to do his very best. If time after time it appears that his schoolwork is still poor or a test has a low mark, then your child loses its motivation. Many of these children say to themselves that they are stupid. They lose their self-esteem and little is left of their self confidence. School is not a great place for them. Some of them do not want to go to school at all. As a parent you feel powerless and you hope that someone can make your child feel better.

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