How would your life look like if you wake up each day and really look forward to all the amazing things that happen in your life. If your are optimistic and full of joy and your life seems to be light.

Do you feel sad or empty the largest part of the day. Is it hard to find pleasure in daily activities and do you not get happy when you do something you like. Have you lost weight without a diet or do you not have appetite. Is your sleep troubled almost every night. Do you feel tired or do you suffer from lack of energy daily. Are there feelings of guilt or not being worthy and are you telling yourself off the largest part of the day. Do you have difficulty concentrating and thinking clearly. Do you feel so miserable that the only way out seems to be to end your life.

In this blog I am going to share my 20 years experience working with depressed people. One of the main things I have noticed these people have in common is that they have lost the connection with their core. They are not connected to who they truly are. They do not feel free to be themselves. Most of them have difficulty setting boundaries, to say ‘no’ and to take good care of themselves. They seem to always want to be sure that someone else is happy and comfortable and they forget about themselves. The second thing is that a depression can be caused by a trauma the person has gone through.

Symbolically I see these persons walk on a path of darkness, difficulties, problems and disease, instead of the bright path of happiness, laughter and ease.

It is really tough!!

Be aware that new research has been done and therefore powerful new ways have been discovered to release depression. In this blog I am going to share what depression is and give you key fundamentals to help you to free yourself from it.

First of all I would like to share the definition of depression.

Depression is a state of low mood and rejection of activity. When someone feels depressed it is as if he or she looks at life through a dark curtain or with a severe depression as if there is darkness all day long. No matter what someone does they feel numb and gloomy. The food does not taste or they have no appetite at all. Some people describe this as feeling like a zombie. This state can have an effect on someone’s thoughts, feelings and behavior. Leading to problems concentrating and remembering details or negative thoughts running through their mind 24/7. People also suffer from lack of sleep, fatigue and reduced energy.

It is really important to be aware that this is a state of low mood. Many people who feel depressed talk about this as if they ARE the depression.

For example, Margareth = depression. Making the depression into a state of being and therefore saying that they are the depression and making it a characteristic of themselves that they have to accept.

Please understand that depression if a state of low mood and this can be changed. It is important to find out what the cause is of the depressive mood and to give the person keys to free himself from it.

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Louky de Lange.