Learn how Unique Quantum Healing offers the possibility to improve your health in an powerful and simple way.


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Why Quantum Healing?

Unique Quantum Healing offers the possibility to improve your health in an powerful and simple way. After a treatment clients experience a difference instantly, i.e. more energy, happier.

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“Before I started treatment with Louky I was very confused. I had the idea that my head and heart were not communicating with eachother. Immediately after the treatment I felt a huge shift. My body felt calm and at ease. The calmness got more intense and I felt balanced. After examining my endocrine system I really felt a lot calmer and I had less trouble with the strong emotions that I sure did have. I am very pleased with the treatment of Louky, it has brought me a lot of positivity.”
Lisa Schot, Female, 22
“Louky de Lange is a remarkable healer for both mind, body and spirit. Her connection to the elementals and ability to transfer healing through these elementals is powerful. Louky is highly astute, energetic and enthusiastic to spread love throughout the world. Her professional judgements as a psychologist assists the unusual to make impossible possible. Thank you Louky”
Dawn Mead, Brisbane, Psychotherapy, Counselling,Energy Healing
“She is a professional woman who looks and feels what is needed for you and is very broad in its treatment method!”
Rob Knaven, Male
“Louky is an amazing and people friendly person. She has one of the best healing practices in the world, I recommend it highly!”
Camilita P Nuttal, Speaker, Sales Trainer, Business Mentor
“I really recommend Louky as a spiritual guide to everybody. She knows how to bring your inner self on a new level by a wide range of different spiritual methods.
Added: My very old and dear aunt died. I took care of her for several years. A few month later my dear partner died suddenly so I had a hard time after that. My GP was kind, but he said it was normal how I felt.
Added: I had several other issues, like I always hid my head against everything (lamp above the table, low doorway etc. ). It happened too often. Also I could not concentrate and I do worry a lot about everything.
Added: I am very happy that a colleague brought me on the path of Louky. My world is almost oke now. I come every week and she gives lots of attention and helps me with my problems to look at them from a different way. Now she is working with my chakra’s. I am sure she can help you to.
Added: Success!”
Bert, Amsterdam